Twitter Chief Says Mobile Ad Revenue Often Eclipses Desktop Platform

Twitter for mobile can generate more ad revenue than its desktop counterpart? Yes is can. And it often does. That’s the latest insight from Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

“(Twitter ads are) inherently suited to mobile because Tweets are suited for mobile,” Costolo says, “even though we launched first on the web and only started to run on mobile a few months ago. It’s already been the case a couple weeks ago that mobile ad revenue in a day was greater than non mobile. Mobile revenue is already doing delightfully well.”

Forbes reported Thursday that while the likes of Facebook “struggles to monetize its mobile side,” Twitter occasionally makes more money on mobile than on the desktop.

That’s because Twitter is natively a mobile product, said Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, in a talk at a conference organized by the Economist.

Twitter users presently generate 400 million Tweets per day from some 140 million active users.