Twilio Brings Communications API to Google Cloud

On Tuesday, cloud communications company Twilio announced it is joining the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program, integrating Twilio’s communications API platform with Google’s Cloud Platform products.

Together, Twilio says, they will power next generation communications solutions.

Twilio is the first solution for voice and messaging to be integrated with Google Cloud Platform, exposing Twilio functionality to Google App Engine developers.

According to the Internet search giant, Google App Engine, which is part of Google’s Cloud Platform, makes applications easy to build, maintain, and scale.

Twilio’s communications API platform delivers a flexible, scalable and reliable way to communicate for developers interested in building in-app dialing, conference calling, group texting, mobile app distribution, two-factor authentication, etc.

“By using Google Cloud Platform and Twilio, independent developers and enterprises alike can build and scale real world businesses faster than ever,” says Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson.

To learn more about Twilio’s integration with Google Cloud, click here.