Twice as Nice: Harte Hanks Samsung Partnership Wins Mobile Marketing Innovation Award… Again

Mobile Marketing Here’s What Happened This WeekHarte Hanks helped Samsung grab attention and build engagement when the company launched its Galaxy Note 4, an announcement shared with MMW reads.

Now, the campaign has been awarded Direct Marketing News’ 2016 Marketing & Tech Innovation Award in the Mobile Marketing category.

The campaign directed at an under-30 audience focused on using social media to turn someone’s bad day into a good day. The campaign dubbed #NoteMyDay, helped turnaround bad days for those young people who tagged social media with #NotMyDay.

“Research tells us, millennials use social channels to share everything, even the bad things,” says Alan Kittle, creative director at Harte Hanks. “But we’d never seen a brand take direct action and find ways to make the bad days better, even though turnaround stories are popular. Using smartphone features to create happy endings felt so unusually emotional.”

To boost Samsung’s profile with this group, Harte Hanks teamed with Vine personality Rudy Mancuso and Snapchat artist Shaun “Shonduras” McBride. The two ended up turning around bad days for 18 people in 10 countries over a three-day period.

The bottom line?

The campaign generated 1.3 million interactions with the two social media stars; 15.2 million YouTube video views; 226,000 tweets of #NoteMyDay, which trended on Twitter in six key global markets. Most important, the campaign helped Samsung sell 13.5 million phones in the fourth quarter of 2014.