‘Twas The Night Before a New iPhone Launch

‘Twas The Night Before a New iPhone Release‘Twas the night before a new iPhone launch, and all through the tech world, everyone is stirring along with their computer’s mouse.

On the eve of what is likely to be Apple’s grand unveiling of the  iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the tech-blogosphere is buzzing about what exactly tomorrow’s media event will bring.

In addition to new and refreshed products and services, much of the hype surrounding the occasion relates to China – specifically, whether or not Apple has inked a deal to distribute the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C to China.

If Apple, as speculated, confirms new agreements with carriers China Mobile and NTT DoCoMo to introduce the new iPhones to consumers in Japan and China, shares of Apple could soar. After all, new carrier deals with two of Asia’s top carriers will expose the iPhone to an estimated 900 million potential new subscribers.

Chris Whitmore, an analyst with Deutsche Bank, thinks Apple’s partnerships with China Mobile and NTT DoCoMo could result in at least 30 million additional iPhone sales in 2014.

Carl Howe, a Yankee Group analyst, went as far as to suggest that the name of Apple’s new iPhone is indicative of the company’s Asian aims.

“I think the ‘C’ stands for ‘China,'” Howe says. “I think in many ways, it’s not as much a technology announcement this week. It’s much more material if they say they’re going to get China Mobile to sell the iPhone.”

Beyond Apple’s global conquests and the rumored introduce of a low-end plastic iPhone 5C, Apple’s iPhone 5S may still steal the show this week, as the device is expected to deliver an upgraded processor and camera, cutting edge fingerprint reader, and an expanded selection of device colors.

What are your expectations for Tuesday morning’s announcement from Apple?