We Are TV Launches the First AR Game to Play with Television Shows

The AR revolution has come to the world of television.

With more than 90% of television viewers tuning into their favorite shows with their mobile device in hand, both consumers and television networks have been clamoring for new ways to create interaction between the screen that is being watched and the screen that is being swiped.

We Are TV is launching today to meet that demand with the first-generation of its AR mobile game being released on both iTunes and Google Play.

From the official release:

Viewers can quickly use the We Are TV app to augment their television viewing experience and make it more fun and immersive with their mobile screen. Users first identify their television screen through their phone’s camera. They then search for the show they are currently watching via the app to render an AR view of that program through their mobile device to commence gaming.

“While the vast amount of television viewing now occurs while simultaneously using a mobile device, the majority of activities a viewer is engaged on with their phone are completely unrelated to the program they are watching,” said Martin Rogard, CEO of We Are TV and the former COO of Dailymotion. “Rather than presenting the phone as a distraction to the viewer, we’re offering a fun new way for the viewer to leverage their phone to build gaming experiences and an augmented reality on top of the show they are watching.”

The We Are TV app is now available to play with viewers’ favorite shows and is free to download on both iOS and Android.

We’re told that full integration with Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore is coming soon to utilize visual-inertial odometry within the game.