TV Guide to Go

Now that the writer’s strike has passed and our favorite shows are coming back, it is important to be up to speed on what’s on TV. What better way than with TV Guide? Even better…TV Guide Mobile!


URL: (Beta)

Quick Site Description:
TV Guide…on your phone. What else is there to say?

First Impression:
Looks colorful and like I’ll be able to find what I want.

What’s Here:
Breaking News (news about TV, not real news), What’s On, TV Listings, My Favorite Channels, My Favorite Shows, My Favorite Blogs (that are on TV Guide) and a Search.

Ease of Use:
TV Guide Mobile is very easy to use. You do have to set up your time zone and cable/satellite provider input under Manage Preferences, but after that you just click and go. There is a way to sign your phone in and validate it with a pin code that is texted to you. I never got the validation code, but my preferences stuck anyway.

Find Stuff Factor:
I have to say it is easier to find what is on TV using than it is flipping open the whole TV Guide in magazine format. Mainly because it is customized to my time zone, which TV Guide, the printed magazine is not. (I’ve never subscribed to the printed magazine for precisely that reason – I live in Mountain Time which is never lined up correctly in the magazine.)

I love that TV Guide Mobile is built for mobile. They are not trying to cram an entire magazine into a tiny device. They’ve given us what we want on the go – what’s on TV tonight on my favorite channels. Perfect.

Best Part:
Selecting my favorite channels so I can see what’s on the channels I actually watch. Frankly, I never give a hoot what’s on ESPN or Disney Channel, but my husband and daughter do so I can’t take them off our on screen guide at home. On my phone I can do whatever I want.

Where to Use It:
Its for those moments when you just have to know what’s happening on TV – and I could see using TV Guide Mobile for myself at home. Even though we have our on screen guide it is cluttered up with the sports and kids stuff…I could use TV Guide Mobile as my own personal TV listings. Just what mobile should be.

Bottom Line:
I am keeping TV Guide Mobile on my favorites and will use it.

5 stars out of 5 (It helps that I love to watch TV)
Can’t wait to see how good it is when it’s out of beta.

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This means they built their own site from scratch. It’s like they are pulling a “Martha Stewart” with their mobile web design.