Tuesday Webinar: On Target — Attribution and Transparency in Mobile Programmatic

Tuesday Webinar  On Target Attribution and Transparency in Mobile ProgrammaticIf you haven’t yet done so, it’s not too late to sign up for today’s MMA-backed webinar on attribution and transparency in mobile programmatic.

“With the rapid growth in mobile ad spend, and specifically within programmatic, marketers need to understand the traditional and newly emerging targeting techniques available and how they work,” the webinar’s summary announcement reads.

In this particular webinar, Adam Markey, Director of Product Management at DataXu will explain “the major opportunities and challenges marketers are facing with targeting and attribution, the need for transparency on the buy and sell sides, and then demonstrate the newly created ‘MMA Programmatic Navigator’ tool that’s sure to become a go-to resource.”

To learn more or to register to attend, which gets underway at 1pm CST today, click here.