Tuesday Launch Rumored for Amazon Android Appstore

Tuesday may be launch day for online retail juggernaut Amazon.com, as the rumor mill suggests the company will finally raise the curtain on its long awaited Android app store.

According to sources in the know that spoke on a basis of anonymity with Wired, customers can being purchasing Android apps from Amazon beginning tomorrow, either directly through Amazon’s web portal or through a native app on an Android handset.

First leaked in September, Amazon’s Android app store will be a curated market, meaning Amazon reviewers will determine which apps are allowed inside, similar to Apple’s iTunes App Store. That’s a contrast to Google’s “anything goes” policy for apps that appear in the Android Marketplace.

Just days ago, an Android fan “accidentally discovered” a webpage for the Amazon app store, which reportedly went live prematurely and revealed “a horizontal sliding menu of about 48 apps and their prices.”

While there is no concrete evidence to suggest such an eventuality may occur, there is rampant speculation that the launch of the Amazon app store will set the stage for a forthcoming Amazon-powered tablet computer powered by the Android OS and aimed at challenging the iPad.