TRUSTed Mobile Ads Break Ground in Mobile Advertising

On Wednesday, TRUSTe – a global privacy management solutions provider – generated no shortage of interest in its latest offering: TRUSTed Mobile Ads.

TRUSTed Mobile Ads are being billed as the first unified mobile advertising privacy management solution.

TRUSTed Mobile Ads support mobile browsing and application privacy preferences across all platforms and devices, the company confirmed today.

TRUSTe’s solution, the company says, comes in direct response to increased regulatory scrutiny of mobile app privacy practices and increased consumer privacy concerns.

Developed in partnership with leading mobile advertisers, publishers, networks and platforms, TRUSTed Mobile Ads provides an end-to-end privacy management solution that enables businesses to deploy innovative advertising capabilities such as behavioral targeting, while providing consumers with transparency, choice, and control over the collection and use of their personal information.

“The need for a standardized cross-platform approach to mobile privacy is essential to maximize mobile advertising opportunities, address growing regulatory concerns and build trust for consumers,” says CEO of TRUSTe Chris Babel. “With TRUSTed Mobile Ads, TRUSTe wants to bring our success as the largest DAA-approved online behavioral advertising compliance provider to the mobile ecosystem. With the support of our partners, we are fully committed to helping the industry take a proactive stance for mobile privacy compliance and consumer confidence.”