Trulia Adding Mobile Aspects, New iPhone App

Trulia, a popular real estate research and exploration service, has announced plans to extend it’s solutions more into the mobile arena with the introduction of several new mobile-based features and enhancements.

Most prominantly, the company will soon offer it’s first iPhone app that will make use of the device’s mapping and photo capabilities. Instead of being just a simple iPhone-specific WAP site, Trulia opted for an independent application to make full use of the features that are perfect for real estate research on the go.

A large request on behalf of Trulia users, was to introduce more mobile features for when your’re out and about on the weekends looking at properties. Instead of negotiating a WAP site, it’s much easier to use the combined Google mapping, high-quality photo viewing, and location-awareness that inter-operate together seamlessly. The iPhone app will also include aggregated, city-level news regarding the local real estate market.

While Trulia has noted that this is in response to customer suggestions, it’s most likely to make use of the iPhone’s features to open a new wave of mobile marketing revenue for the company. I’ve already discusssed how the iPhone is a perfect marketing tool for any niche service, especially real estate which is mobile in nature, and how companies are beginning to take notice.

Trulia hasn’t made any mention of just how they’ll integrate advertising into the iPhone app, but once it hits Apple’s app store and we can check it out, it should be more clear. Stay tuned.