True Analytics And Traffic Statistics For Mobile Sites

Traditional website analytics rely on javascript and/or cookies to perform it’s functions, which is fine on traditional websites. But when you need true analytics for a mobile website, it’s a different story. Visitor’s to your mobile site may use any of the hundreds of different phone models and configurations to access your content, as well as different capabilities some visitor’s devices have that others don’t. When trying to gain some marketing perspective for your mobile sites, this information could be vital to making the right decisions.

Mobivity, an SMS marketing provider, has introduced Mobilytics to help ease the frustration. They offer an impressive array of tools and metrics to help you gain a deep insight of how your visitors found your mobile site, what they did while they where there, what mobile device they used, how much revenue you earned and more. You can customize a web-based control panel similar to Google Analytics to show you the information you need when you need it.

Mobilytics provides an extensive mobile-ad campaign tracker that’s specific to the differences in mobile advertising over traditional internet advertising. Normal internet analytics programs work much differently, and therefore can’t track mobile visitors the same. For example, mobile visitors that use the same device and even the same carrier can all show up as one single visitor to your mobile website, causing incorrect data. Also, because of the lack of javascript in mobile marketing campaigns, mobile ads show up as basic links on websites. Search engine’s crawlers and desktop browsers can then “click” on these links costing you money. Mobilytics will show you when this happens so you’re not wasting your precious advertising budget on useless clicks.

Another useful feature of the service is the provided Analytics API that let’s you do just about anything you please with the data generated from your mobile website. According to their website;

” The Mobilytics API allows you to access your statistics in their raw form. Integrate them into your own products and services, build your own reports, or build mash ups! The possibilities are limitless. It’s your data, take it and do with it what you want”

The service is provided free of charge when you join their ad-network. They’ll place small ads on your mobile website, and even give you a 70% revenue share if your mobile site generates over 10.000 page views per month. If you opt out of the ad-network option, you pay a monthly fee based on the number of monthly page views. This ranges from $29.99 for up to 10,000 page views per month, to $89.99 if your site get 500,000-1,000,000 page views per month. Either way, it’s a valuable service, especially from a marketing perspective.