TripleLift: Helping Brand Marketers Harness Programmatic Ad Strategy

TripleLift Helping Brand Marketers Harness Programmatic Ad Strategy“TripleLift CEO Eric Berry envisions native advertising as the means to unlock the premium programmatic opportunity for brand marketers. Leave it to a lawyer by training, an MIT-trained product guy in practice, and an early employee at AppNexus to solve the challenges of native advertising.”

So begins a recap of Berry’s designs recently posted at MediaPost.

It’s a tall order. Marketers are battling banner blindness, an ever-declining engagement rate, and trying to weave their way through the new dictates of native advertising.

Berry wants to integrate “visually engaging advertising content into the design of the site or application.”

It makes sense. A recent study suggests 22 percent of marketers believe all online ads will be native in the future.

What’s more, the study found that text on publisher pages is expected to reduce in half as our connected devices move to image- or video-based sites.

Maybe Berry is on to the next new thing?

“TripleLift leverages existing RTB pipes, so DSPs can use the current bidding infrastructure for optimization, cookie-targeting, and user-based bidding valuation to scale across all screens and formats,” according to the story.

The strategy’s time has come, considering how much publishers and brand advertisers spend on their content. This technology mutually satisfies both brands and publishers and allows them to put their best images in front of the consumer in a simple, elegant, and integrated way.

“Berry’s technology scans the publisher’s site to understand the format and design in order to integrate the brand advertiser’s content into the layout,” according to MediaPost. “In order to deliver the native ad cross-platform, the software reads the image and makes content-aware adjustments to scale across mobile, tablet, web and soon, wearables.”

That would be — in a word — huge.