Trends in Wireless Mobility

10 Trends in Wireless MobilityRCR Wireless News has released a Special Report titled 10 Trends in Wireless Mobility. This special report is full of solid information about trends in wireless that are worth knowing about. While it is not about mobile marketing per se, it is about the wireless industry as a whole – without which there would be no mobile marketing.

Most fascinating to me is #8 – Open Access. People are getting tired of certain devices only working on certain networks. We want to be able to use any phone on any network, just like it works for landline phones and computers connecting to the Internet.

Imagine if you had to buy a certain brand of computer to ensure it would work on the ISP you have. Just craziness. But that’s what we have in mobile. The iPhone / AT&T contract has really brought this issue to the forefront but it certainly won’t be the last we’ll hear of this.

The trend most impactful to mobile marketing is #5 – Wireless Creep. This trend describes the concept that consumers are starting to expect wireless to be everywhere. With this expanded access to connection will come something even more exciting than simply more access to consumers via their phones; it will be connecting with them on non-traditional wireless devices like digital camcorders and gaming consoles. Just think of the consumer interaction / marketing possibilities. Thrilling.

The report is a quick read if you want or you can delve deeper in using the numerous links to related stories. Get your free copy of this Special Report – 10 Trends in Wireless Mobility – here.