Tremor, DoubleVerify Offer Real-Time Viewability Optimization

phone-1209230_1280Tremor Video, Inc., a provider of software for video ad effectiveness, has just unwrapped some big news.

The company has expanded its partnership with DoubleVerify, a leader in digital quality solutions, to now include real-time viewability optimization through a “unique direct-to-VPAID data pass.”

Tremor Video’s buying platform is the first to integrate DoubleVerify’s technology on a direct-to-VPAID basis. This expands upon Tremor Video and DoubleVerify’s existing partnership established in July 2014 to bolster Tremor Video’s pre-existing ability to continually evaluate the quality of each individual campaign.

“Our clients are seeing exceptional results by leveraging our industry pioneering approach to viewability optimization,” said Mark Kalus, VP of Product at Tremor Video. “With our direct-to-VPAID integration method, we’ve cracked the code on achieving high levels of video viewability at scale, and in partnering with DoubleVerify our platform is able to simultaneously access their robust fraud detection and viewability metrics on a real-time basis.”

“Large brands depend on DoubleVerify to authenticate the quality of their digital media decisions,” adds Matt McLaughlin, COO at DoubleVerify. “We’re pleased to expand our integration with Tremor Video and together provide clients with a powerful, real-time solution to secure viewable, fraud-free video ads and to optimize their performance globally.”

All told, the partnership enables Tremor Video clients to optimize campaigns with MRC-accredited metrics powered by DoubleVerify, including ad viewability by the MRC definition of a viewable impression.