Tracking of Real World Location Visits of UberMedia System Looks Like a Winner

Tracking of Real World Location Visits of UberMedia System Looks Like a WinnerLocation tracking and marketing is becoming big business.

Now UberMedia has patented a way to make it better. Basically, instead of focusing on where a consumer has been or locations the consumer has expressed interest in, its system tracks where people actually are at any given time.

UberMedia, a cross-screen mobile ad platform combines more than 1.5 billion first-party mobile data signals to deliver hyper-focused ads, has just patented it, too.

Called “Location Visit Optimization” (LVO), it’s proving a successful way to boost “relevance and performance of mobile ad campaigns based on real-world location visits.”

“Although mobile advertising has come a long way, marketers still struggle to link their sales data to their campaign in real-time,” said Bill Gross, founder and CEO of UberMedia and Idealab. “LVO changes all that by allowing marketers to optimize on what matters most – real-time, real-world location visits. This method represents the next phase of mobile advertising, and has already proven to dramatically increase marketing results for automotive, fast food and hospitality brands.”

Reportedly, a host of national fast-food chains, automotive advertisers, and hotel chains have all seen location visits more than double with LVO.

Want to know more about LVO? Check out the infographic below.