Tracking Mobile Ad Engagement During Super Bowl

Mobile clearly mattered to marketers during this year’s Super Bowl. But with the big game – and the advertising spectacle that came with it – now behind us, it’s time to start reflecting on what worked best to engage viewers on their mobile screens during Sunday’s game.

Mobile advertising and marketing firm Velti was busy tracked mobile impressions throughout the game. And their findings are quite telling.

According to Velti, among all the commercials that aired during the game, Jack in the Box’s ad with Shazaam drove the highest spike in mobile engagement.
Activity on mobile spiked most, however, during – you guessed it – the power outage. App impressions saw a pretty steady increase through the end of the outage, then tapered off, Velti says.

If anything convinced people to put down their smartphones and tablets, it was Beyonce. Impressions saw a big drop during the halftime show, illustrating that the performance was a compelling event to behold, even if some reviews were mixed after the fact.

Velti released a corresponding infographic to go along with the data presented today. Check it out and let us know if you find the results surprising or in line with your expectations for what caused the most or least mobile engagement during yesterday’s big game.