Tough World Out There for Advertisers Trying to Master Multichannel Marketing

Tough World Out There for Advertisers Trying to Master Multichannel MarketingThough a June, 2015 study by Lewis PR indicated that 84 percent of senior marketers worldwide say multichannel marketing is a key focus of their current marketing strategy, they may not be getting the support they need to actually implement such efforts.

“When asked about the biggest challenges to multichannel marketing, nearly a quarter of respondents said they lacked the time and resources to develop and execute multichannel campaigns, and the same percentage struggled to get buy-in at the board level,” reports eMarketer. “Similarly, other issues related to a lack of investment in tools needed to manage multichannel campaigns as well as a limited understanding about the process as a whole.”

The Lewis study also noted that, in order to get investment in the resources needed, marketers are under pressure to prove the value of their efforts.

“To do this, measurement and analytics are necessary,” according to eMarketer. “However, room for improvement was needed. While 38 percent measured multichannel campaigns throughout their cycle to continuously identify what was working and refine strategy and channel investment — allowing them to drive the most optimal results — this left more than six in 10 respondents who tracked campaigns throughout the cycle merely for reporting purposes (35 percent) or evaluated results post-campaign just to report on return on investment (27 percent).”

Integrating efforts is needed, too. Less than half (40 percent) of marketers agreed that the structure of their marketing and communications teams make it possible for them to effectively execute integrated multichannel campaigns.

The findings are backed up by April, 2015 research by The Relevancy Group which found similar issues in terms of resources, measurement, and lack of coordination.