Touchpoint Gives Mobile Advertising The Old ‘College’ Try

Mobile advertising is going back to school. According to an announcement Thursday from Touchpoint Technologies – a mobile marketing company – college campuses are the new targets of choice for leading mobile ad firms like Touchpoint. As a result, Touchpoint today revealed a nationwide deployment of its mobile technology to over 130 college campuses in what it dubs the “Campus Connection.”

As part of a multi-year contract into the college market, Touchpoint says it will have the ability to deploy its technology in up to 600 campus bookstores across the country.

The company says “Campus Connection” will allow advertisers to effectively connect with college students where they study, shop and play.

Through direct brand acquisitions, agencies and strategic relationships such as the one developed with Immersion OOH, a leading national media representation company for place-based, digital out-of-home TV networks, Touchpoint has been able to attain major brand advertisers.

“The results we have seen since we have been working with Touchpoint and their technology have been very promising,” says Zevi Tilles, EVP of Digital Sales at Immersion OOH. “With every new advertising technology we are careful to hold our advertisers’ brands very closely and cautiously and have done the same during the initial deployments of our engagement with Touchpoint. The measurable opt-in results, along with the engagement component, during our initial months have been strong and we look forward to offering our brands additional opportunities through Touchpoint’s network.”

So, we’ve got to ask… Does it make sense to target students – regardless of how ‘broke’ or in debt they may already be – via the mobile channel in such an aggressive mobile advertising push? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.