Toronto Motorists to Gain New Mobile Convenience

Toronto Motorists Gain New Mobile ConvenienceMotorists in Toronto are gaining a new mobile convenience.

The Toronto Star reports that Canadian smartphone users can capitalize on a new app to pay for parking in Toronto’s outdoor Green P lots.

“City-owned Toronto Parking Authority unveiled a free app and said that, by the end of spring, motorists should be able to use it to pay to park — and remotely extend their time if needed — at all outdoor Green P lots that currently use ‘pay and display’ machines,” the report reads.

Around the world today, cities and municipalities of all shapes and sizes are deploying everything from mobile apps to iBeacons. Helping local residents find places to park or even pay parking tickets, mobile technology is now being used to make countless familiar chores more convenient.

The new app in Toronto, we’re told, will “use an alert noise to tell motorists their parking is about to expire, and allow them to remotely add time.”

According to the Toronto Star, the credit card-based system will launch at all Green P outdoor lots next year.