Top Chef on Mobile

I love watching Top Chef on Bravo TV and think that Bravo is one of the very best at integrating mobile into TV. I notice the most “here’s how to interact with us via mobile” notifications during Bravo shows. So I decided it was time to review one of their mobile sites.

Click on the Top Chef banner

Quick Site Description:

The mobile site for Top Chef.

First Impression:
Easy to recognize that it is Top Chef and looks like I could find out just about anything on my favorite contestants and judges.

What’s Here:
It’s all about the contestants and their food. And the judges. Perfect, all the reasons I love the show.

Ease of Use:
The site is hard on my eyes because they use white text on an orange or red background. I can read the site, but honestly don’t want to spend much time here because it hurts my eyes and gives me a headache. It makes this a quick check in site, not a site on which to spend any length of time.

Take away point: color contrast is even more important on mobile than the full screen web. Anything that reduces the readability of a mobile site, even by a little bit, impacts the visitor by a lot.
Find Stuff Factor:
The site is fairly well organized, but often things are one more click away than I am expecting. For example, when looking up Recipes, the first click is to the contestant’s name, then the second click is on the name of the recipe, this screen shows a quick one liner about the recipe from the chef and then finally with a third click I can get to the ingredients. It requires another (fourth) click to get to the instructions.

On mobile even one extra click can be annoying and so everything should be found in as few clicks as possible. I would suggest that the quick one liner be on the page with the recipe name. Not only would this reduce the number of clicks to get to the recipe, it would help pull a visitor into a recipe.

Best Part(s):
The Fun & Games section. I especially like the Rate the Plate where visitors get to rate a dish. This is what we want – to interact with the show and feel like we’re a part of it. The Test Ur Top Chef Knowledge section is totally fun too.

In my opinion this section should be much closer to the top of the mobile site and given more exposure. This is what would keep me coming back to the site.

Where to Use It:
While watching Top Chef. Use it to rate the plates you’re seeing on TV. Anywhere you happen to be when you simply have to know what happened – the Episode Recap could save your curiosity. Somewhere with decent lighting and/or you have remembered to bring your reading glasses.

Bottom Line:
I wish the site was easier to read and stay on longer. It could be so much more fun if it didn’t hurt my eyes. I will go to the site for the Rate the Plate opportunity.

3 out of 5

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