Top Audio Ad Network Inks Deal with Microsoft

It “sounds” like a big move for advertising at Microsoft.

On Wednesday, TargetSpot, a leading digital audio advertising network, confirmed that it will deliver in-stream audio advertising for the Xbox Music service from Microsoft.

If you’re not familiar, Xbox Music is an all-in-one music service that allows users to discover, buy, and stream music on popular devices.

As of this writing, the service is available on Xbox 360 video game and entertainment consoles, Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets as well as PC’s and Windows Phone 8 devices.

TargetSpot will serve audio ads across all Windows 8 and Windows RT devices where Xbox Music free streaming service is available, providing a comprehensive monetization solution for Microsoft’s music content.

Important to Microsoft is that the tech giant will be able to leverage TargetSpot’s ad insertion technology to deliver highly targeted and relevant advertising to its listeners.

“Our research shows that Digital Audio listeners consume their content across multiple music services and across multiple devices,” says Eyal Goldwerger, CEO of TargetSpot. “We are thrilled to add Microsoft’s Xbox Music service to our expansive network to allow our advertisers to reach even more of their target audiences.”