TiVo Gets Even Cooler… Is That Possible?

TiVo has launched a free, mobile phone-optimized Web site that “allows both TiVo subscribers and non-subscribers to browse, search and discover TV shows, regardless of mobile platform, carrier or browser.”

For this reason alone, 2009 is already going to be better than this year!

Dubbed “TiVo Mobile” and located at m.tivo.com, the site can be accessed via any Internet-enabled phone through any network, the company says.

Among other things, the site allows TiVo subscribers to schedule recordings on Series2 or Series3 TiVo boxes remotely from their mobile, and to search for programs by actor, title, director and keyword. It also offers “Daily Recommendations” and “Most Popular” lists, and, like TiVo’s recommendations engine, an “If you like this…” tool to help users find new shows.

TiVo Mobile, which was built through a partnership with mobile application development agency, Mobui, is currently in beta and will be available “on a wide scale” in a few weeks, TiVo says.