Tivit Takes Mobile TV To The Next Level

The Consumer Electronics Show has the attention of many mobile marketers this week, particular those eager to discover new and more trendy ways to plug, push, and promote products and services in the mobile sphere. One development that has some folks talking is the Tivit, which essentially serves as an external TV tuner for the iPhone, third-gen iPod Touch, BlackBerry devices with Wi-Fi connectivity, and Motorola Android phones.

Advertisers are looking at the new opportunities born of the demographics that could take hold following the Tivit’s goal to take Mobile DTV to the next level by facilitating live television feeds to smart phones without the need for a paid subscription plan.

Free TV is available on the iPhone through a little tuner box that, with the simple extension of the antenna, taps into a downloadable application that transfers a TV signal to your handset even when internet connectivity is limited or altogether unavailable. At present, the Tivit only provides access to about three dozen channels, but that number is likely to change not long after the device officially rolls out, most likely this summer.

With initial reports indicating that Tivit draws a sharp, quality picture on its resident smartphone, $120 gadget could make a splash in the world of mobile entertainment and mobile marketing when the masses finally obtain access to the Tivit after so much hype.