TinyCo Giving Anything But Tiny Revenue Share to Developers

Big things are in store for TinyCo.

On Tuesday, TinyCo – the San Francisco based developer of various popular mobile games – announced something called Tiny Partners’.

The program is being established, the company says, to encourage collaboration between TinyCo and mobile developers through revenue sharing and brand integration.

In a nutshell, Mobile app developers can integrate Tiny Partners into their apps to create branded promotional spots for TinyCo games

Best of all, when a user clicks on a Tiny Partners promotional spot and subsequently installs a TinyCo game, the developer earns “at least 50% of the lifetime net revenue that user generates for TinyCo.”

With the flexibility of Tiny Partners, developers can expand their revenue without cannibalizing their current banner or interstitial ad inventory.

“User acquisition costs continue to rise and just as in the past with web advertising, most ad banner formats on mobile devices are being tuned out by users,” says Andrew N. Green, Director of Business Development of TinyCo. “Web advertising evolved over time with better targeting, rich media and branded content, and we want mobile to evolve faster. TinyCo can provide our partners with the ability to create better performing promotions for our games and then share in the success.”