Timing is Everything: What You Need to Know About Abandoned-Cart Email Campaigns

Holiday Email is Hotter Than EverWhy do consumers abandon online shopping carts? As it turns out, there are many potential reasons: a phone call, a child’s needs, scheduling an appointment. The challenge for brands is how to bring those customers back to complete the transaction, especially if they’ve abandoned a cart multiple times.

That’s the assessment from a new report issued in recent days by the team at Experian.

According to Experian Cross-Channel Marketing’s Q3 2016 Email Benchmark Report, customers who received multiple abandoned-shopping-cart emails were 2.4 times more likely to complete a transaction than customers who received only one.

Additionally, the analysis found that customers who received multiple abandoned-shopping-cart emails had a multiple transaction rate 44 percent higher than those who didn’t.

“Many brands are hesitant to send multiple emails for fear of bombarding customers with communications — and rightfully so. But it’s important to bring these customers back into the loop, particularly during the holiday season,” said Spencer Kollas, vice president of global deliverability for Experian’s Cross-Channel Marketing, which helps brands leverage customer data to empower insight-driven marketing. “In order to find the happy medium between burdensome and effective email messaging, marketers need to take a customer’s past behavior into account. By testing various suppression strategies, marketers can find the optimal cadence for email communication.”

Want to know more? Check out the report at no charge here.