Timing is Everything in Mobile Marketing… and the Timing is Now!

Although it would be easy to gain the impression from Mobile Marketing Watch that the advertising world has grown completely dominated by new opportunities and technologies in the field of mobile marketing, it turns out that only about 20% of all online advertisers are currently involved in mobile marketing. The majority of advertisers remain satisfied with the “wired Web.”

According to a new study by JupiterResearch, “Holding marketers back from mobile marketing are a number of factors including consumer reticence, limited reach, insufficient measurement and a simple lack of familiarity with the medium.”

But as Online Media Daily columnist Mark Walsh astutely observed, now is the time for new firms to begin experimenting with mobile marketing before it grows into the rule rather than the exception of digital advertising. Best of all, for even the smallest of business upstarts, mobile marketing remains relatively inexpensive in modest capacity while retaining enormous potential for gain.

Even though economic conditions have not been ideal for many businesses this year, Jupiter analyst Neil Strother doesn’t anticipate mobile marketing budgets to be slashed considerably. “Mainly,” says Strother, “because they’re already so small, just 1% of online advertisers’ spending.”

If location means everything in real estate, timing could prove just as important in the world of mobile marketing. And according to the experts, there’s never been a better time to venture into what many agree will become the dominant force in the advertising industry’s future.