Time to ‘Tune’ in: Mobile Marketing Automation Company Artisan Acquired

Time to 'Tune' in Mobile Marketing Automation Company Artisan AcquiredOn Thursday, at its annual Postback conference in Seattle, TUNE — an enterprise SaaS platform for mobile marketing — announced its acquisition of Artisan Mobile.

Artisan’s analytics, testing and marketing automation solution makes it possible, we’re told, for marketers to create highly personalized, compelling mobile experiences in real-time without writing code or resubmitting to app stores.

The acquisition comes less than a month after the launch of the TUNE Marketing Console (TMC), a unified console created by integrating two previously independent products, MobileDevHQ and Appfuel, with MobileAppTracking, TUNE’s original mobile product, and marks a period of rapid growth in the advertising industry.

“While we are still in early innings, the next wave of evolution in mobile marketing is about moving from point solution tools to an integrated suite. TUNE is in a great position to transform the tools marketers depend on,” said Rich Wong, Partner at Accel and board member at TUNE. “Each new product launch and acquisition TUNE makes further streamlines the experience for marketers, and Artisan is another example that provides greater insight from the top of the funnel to the bottom.”