Time to Take Another Look at Tumblr for Marketing?

Taking Another Look at Tumblr for MarketingFor those who haven’t tinkered with Tumblr for a while in their marketing efforts, here’s some news that could prompt a few long-overdue return visits to the platform.

“Tumblr has become one of the primary marketing platforms amongst 31 percent of top-name brands,” reports Daily Deal Media.

Citing figures from analytics firm Simply Measured Inc., 42 percent of brands (100 major brands were examined) with Tumblr accounts had used the blogging platform roughly three times per week.

And its proving increasingly effective as a marketing and customer engagement tool.

Still, the Yahoo-owned platform trails well behind Twitter and Facebook, which respectively claim lion shares of omni-channel brand activity at 97 and 98 percent. In the middle-tier are Google and Pinterest, which boast of usage percentages in the mid-70s.

“Nonetheless, DDM concludes, “brands are mixing Tumblr in amongst other social media channels when promoting products. The trend accounts for a newfound diversification amongst brands, which had traditionally focused on one or two promotional networks.”

As of this writing, images still comprise 95 percent of all Tumblr posts.