Time to ‘Jump’ for Joy with New Performance Ad Network

Just How Vulnerable Are Mobile-Payment Apps to Hack AttacksThis week, MMW was briefed by the team at Appy Pie, a cloud-based mobile application builder software, about the launch of Appy Jump — “a performance ad network that enables Appy Pie users to earn money by monetizing their apps with ads and AppyPie users to promote their apps to increase downloads.”

According to a provided press release, Appy Jump comes pre-packaged in Appy Pie apps, and enables users to take advantage of relevant ads within their apps by just a click of a button.

Its campaigns, which are created to deliver global traffic at maximal optimization, are run based on the location, platform, and content of the developer’s app in order to provide the user with more targeted ads.

Appy Jump is integrated its 50+ partner networks and ad agencies across 200 countries, including some of the big ad networks like AdMob, Airpush and Inmobi, among others.

Its pricing model is based on performance, which is defined by the client, so that users are only charged once for the required install, action or engagement level that is completed by the user. This includes cost per Impression (CPI), cost per thousand (CPM) or cost per click (CPC) fee structures.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of Appy Jump, which offers smart, risk-free solutions for user acquisition and mobile performance marketing,” says Abhinav Girdhar CEO and Founder of Appy Pie. “It’s completely customizable to fit the user’s needs, can be launched in three easy steps and clients only pay for the users they want. And, thanks to our user friendly design, world-class service and transparent payment policies, our publisher base is rapidly growing.”