Time to “Bond” with Mobile QR Codes

For our Mobile Marketing Watch friends in Australia, it will come as no news at all that Sony recently ran a major promotion by ad agency Euro RSCG to support the release of the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace using the Telstra platform to lead people through a “treasure hunt.”
Incredibly, we are learning today that the promotion attracted almost 10,000 entries despite the absence of mainstream media support.

QR Codes — two-dimensional codes that link directly to an internet address when photographed by a mobile phone camera — were originally used as tracking devices for car parts during the manufacturing process but have since emerged as a new marketing tool.

Sony head of strategy and brand development Toby Barbour told Media the success of the 007 movie promotion had prompted a rethink more broadly about how the codes might be used.

“We see QR Codes as being extremely interactive and flexible,” Mr Barbour said.
“QR Codes let us do things we could not have done in the past.”

Mr Barbour said he expected QR Codes to make the transition from a promotional item linked to a campaign, to in-store packaging on every product, effectively giving customers immediate access to a complete electronic brochure about a product through their phones.

There were up to 7 million 3G-capable phones in Australia, providing QR Codes with a potentially massive untapped promotional market that would grow in acceptance in coming months.

“I think QR Codes in 12 months’ time will be a standard medium in many promotions for different brands,” he said.

After all is said and done, we shall see if QR codes leave mobile marketing shaken… or stirred.