Time Teams with Audience Analytics Powerhouse Parse.ly

Ahead of the weekend, Time Inc. announced it is teaming up with Parse.ly, a top provider of audience insights for digital publishers.

According to a statement emailed to MMW, Time Inc. uses Parse.ly’s data and analytics solution as part of an effort to unite data across its portfolio of brands.

Specifically, Time Inc. leverages Parse.ly’s audience data and features like Parse.ly’s Network Rollup tool, which allows Time Inc.’s editorial teams to compare multiple brands on one editorial analytics platform.

“Parse.ly’s analytic tools are going to be a significant help in driving cultural change at Time Inc., as we work to leverage the combined digital reach of our powerful brands,” said Alan Murray, Chief Content Officer at Time Inc. “Unifying insights across all of our brands allows us to understand, act on and monetize the content our audience engages with most.”

Access to audience data is transforming the way media companies organize and compete, and editors can view audience metrics — like growth, engagement and loyalty — at both a brand and network level, while business leaders at the company can base decisions off of the same data.

“Through integrated data across brands and intuitive insights within the Parse.ly dashboard, we’re helping Time Inc. remodel the way that it understands its audience,” said Sachin Kamdar, CEO at Parse.ly. “We are surfacing the most valuable content and audience, regardless of where it lives across all brands, to build a meaningful, data-driven culture. We couldn’t be more excited about teaming up with Time Inc.”