Time for the Buy Button, Baby: Salesforce Launches One for Community Cloud

Time for the Buy Button, Baby Salesforce Launches One for Community CloudSalesforce, a major customer relationship management company, just announced that Community Cloud can now let companies embed a buy button into online communities.

It’s a first — and it could be big.

“The new e-commerce capabilities enable communities of customers to discover, research, discuss and buy products in a single location while introducing a new sales channel for companies,” a provided statement to MMW reads.

Consumer services from Facebook and TripAdvisor to Pinterest and Twitter want to help brands drive revenue by allowing people to “click to buy” directly within the community.

“However, companies that want to offer this same type of commerce experience within their own communities have struggled to deliver it because there was not a trusted and easy way to combine transactions with their online communities,” noted the company.

It was a challenge that needed a resolution. As research from eMarketer shows, the potential for revenue upside for companies who offer e-commerce could reach $349.1 billion this year. And Salesforce’s new Community Cloud solution wants to put buy buttons right where brands’ customers are already gathered and engaged.

“Our goal is to make it easier for our customers to grow their businesses and today we’re the first enterprise solution that enables buy buttons for any online community,” said Nasi Jazayeri, executive vice president of Community Cloud, Salesforce. “Now any company can deliver the same click-to-buy experience as popular consumer services and grow their businesses with social commerce.”

You can watch this video overview of Community Cloud now.