Tim Cooks Pledges Fix for Apple’s Botched Maps

Let’s face it. Most Apple fans will readily admit that the Cupertino, California-based tech giant bombed its foray into mapping services earlier this year. But Apple isn’t stepping away from the responsibility to fix its mess.

In a telling new interview with BusinessWeek published Thursday, Apple CEO Time Cook faced a harsh reality: “We screwed up.”

And he once again promised to “map” out a better solution for Apple’s mapping service.

“We wanted to provide the customer turn-by-turn directions. We wanted to provide the customer voice integration. We wanted to provide the customer flyover. And so we had a list of things that we thought would be a great customer experience, and we couldn’t do it any other way than to do it ourselves… And the truth is it didn’t live up to our expectations,” Cook reveals.

Apple is “putting all of our energy into making [Maps] right. And we have already had several software updates. We’ve got a huge plan to make it even better. It will get better and better over time.”

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