Tim Cook Says ‘Big Things’ Coming in 2014

Tim Cook Says 'Big Things' Coming in 2014Apple rarely, if ever, offers a prediction for the future. And while specifics weren’t given, Apple CEO Tim Cook said this week that Apple is planning “big things” for the New Year.

In a company-wide memo sent to employees before the Christmas holiday, Cook made his optimism clear.

Apple has “big plans that we think customers are going to love,” wrote Cook, who ascended to CEO of the world’s most profitable company just over two years ago.

“I am extremely proud to stand alongside you as we put innovation to work serving humankind’s deepest values and highest aspirations,” Cook added in the note, which leaked online shortly after its internal distribution. “I consider myself the luckiest person in the world for the opportunity to work at this amazing company with all of you.”

So what do these purported “big plans” include? It goes without saying that Apple didn’t elaborate beyond that sweeping general statement.

From new products to services, what do you think Apple is planning for 2014?