Tim Cook: New Apple Products Coming This Fall

In a candid admission today during the company’s Q2 2013 earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a surprising revelation about the tech giant’s future product aspirations.

Facing a steady barrage of criticisms that Apple has grown stagnant as a creator of innovative mobile products, Cook flatly stated to reporters this afternoon that new products are coming – and soon.

Despite months of speculation that Apple will only refresh familiar products in 2013, Cook set the record straight and gave Apple fans a treat.

“The most important objective for Apple is developing innovative products,” Cook said, without revealing the nature of these new products. Nonetheless, Cook’s admission that innovative new Apple devices are in the pipeline for “the fall and all of 2014” will provide plenty of fuel for both the rumor mill and the tech blogosphere this summer.

The bottom line for Apple, Cook says, is that the Mac maker has “a lot more surprises in the works.”

This afternoon, Apple reported earnings for its second fiscal quarter of 2013. Earnings came in at $10.09 EPS on $43.60 billion in revenue. Wall Street expected $10 EPS and $42.33 billion in revenue.