Tim Cook is No Steve Jobs, Says New Book

Tim Cook coverThis week, the most controversial book to hit the tech scene this year made a splash on Amazon.

“If Steve Jobs were still alive,” the tech tome’s summary reads, “he would be embarrassed by Apple today.”

The ebook exclusive from Electronic Tech Press promises a “compelling, first-of-its-kind look behind the scenes of Apple” and questions the leadership of CEO Tim Cook in the post-Steve Jobs era.

Exploring the “rapid decline of one of America’s greatest success stories,” the book seems to place ample blame on Tim Cook as the core of Apple’s problem.

The biggest problem? A lack of satisfying new product innovation.

Tim Cook, the handpicked successor of Steve Jobs, has largely failed to captivate the imaginations and hearts of the public and investors in his first two years at the helm of Apple.

Featuring what the publisher calls controversial revelations from various “Apple insiders,” the ebook delves into whether Tim Cook is a “catastrophic failure” as CEO of the world’s most profitable company, or if his patient, methodical leadership is exactly what Apple needs today.

“Tim Cook: The Core of Apple’s Problem” is available now on Amazon for $2.99. It is free for Amazon Prime subscribers.