Tim Cook Addresses Android Surge at Apple Shareholder Meeting

On Wednesday in Cupertino, California at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting, CEO Tim Cook was asked to comment on the recent surge in Android market share.

Cook responded candidly. And he didn’t seem too concerned about the little green robot breathing down his neck. In fact, the Apple boss flatly stated that Apple is watching Android and its competition very closely. “We don’t have our heads stuck in the sand,” Cook explained.

Cook admitted there are a lot of Android devices out there, but also pointed out that market share is more important for attracting a good content ecosystem, something Apple is already good at.

As it turns out, Apple doesn’t worry about market share in the traditional sense, according to coverage from Business Insider.

“It is clear that Android is on a lot of phones,” Cook said, adding that “it is probably true that iOS is on a lot more tablets.” But, he concluded, “success is not making the most… there’s a button or two we could press to make the most… That would not be good for Apple.”

So… should Apple be more concerned with Android’s growing market share or is Cook right? Please weigh in with your two cents below.