Thomson Reuters Touts New Partnership With Oddup, Startup Rating App

This week, Thomson Reuters announced the launch of one of its first third-party apps on Eikon Studio in partnership with Oddup.

The first of its kind in Asia, we’re told that the app on Eikon App Studio provides ratings on startups, thus enabling finance and technology professionals to stay on top of the growing world of startups.

The financial industry is increasingly turning to open technology standards to drive innovation and flexibility in a complex business landscape.

Eikon App Studio provides an open environment where the financial industry has access to a new generation of apps that “foster innovation and improve productivity.”

The Oddup app is now available to Eikon users on App Studio, a financial app development platform that allows users to access specialized apps and streamline workflow needs as well as enabling third-party developers to integrate their app in Eikon and amplify their reach.

“At the core of Thomson Reuters is openness at every level of the financial ecosystem. The partnership with Oddup demonstrates Thomson Reuters’ commitment to open technology, helping the wider financial industry become more flexible, efficient and innovative. By combining Thomson Reuters’ technology and data with Oddup’s expertise in startups, we aim to foster creativity and innovation. When sharing and collaboration happens between partners, customers benefit from more choices and knowledge,” said James Mirfin, Managing Director of North Asia at Thomson Reuters.