This Week’s Hot Mobile Reads: Five New Must Read eBooks

This Week's Hot Mobile Reads Five New Must Read eBooksAs electronic publishing quickly displaces the traditional publishing world, a bountiful inventory of amazingly good ebooks emerges every week.

So how can you separate the winners from the losers?

Based on buzz, reviews, and sales, here are some of the hottest new ebooks burning up the digital landscape today.

“Best in the World: The Unauthorized Biography of Phil Brooks” is a first of its kind look at the man behind CM Punk. Painting an extraordinarily candid portrait of a deeply complex individual, this controversial and unauthorized work from bestselling publishing house Sports Entertainment Publishing explores the immensely daunting personal and professional challenges that Brooks managed to conquer along the path to becoming “the best in the world.”

She sang her way into America’s heart in classic films like Oklahoma!, Carousel, and The Music Man. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Elmer Gantry. And she played one of television’s most beloved moms in the iconic 1970s sitcom, The Partridge Family. From golden-voiced ingénue to bus-driving mother of a pop band, Shirley Jones has always seemed as pure and wholesome as her squeaky-clean image. But now she’s ready to set the record straight—in a memoir as shockingly candid, deliciously juicy, and delightfully frank as the star herself.

“Justin Bieber: Off The Deep End” is the compelling, disturbing, and completely unauthorized new eBook from the bestselling publisher behind “The Life and Death of Whitney Houston.” Chronicling Justin Bieber’s dangerous transition from a fresh-faced teen with a spotless image to a seemingly reckless bad boy on a dangerous professional and personal downward spiral, this gripping first-of-its kind work exposes how reportedly unbalanced Bieber has become and why so many fans fear for his physical and psychological well-being. In-depth, unparalleled, and impossible to put down, “Justin Bieber: Off The Deep End” explores what went wrong, what’s really going on, and what can be done to save Justin Bieber… from Justin Bieber.

From her harrowing upbringing in the South to her unlikely success on a global scale, Oprah Winfrey’s brand is now inescapably synonymous with empowering women, advancing education, and enlightening the masses. But after 25 years atop daytime television ratings, Oprah Winfrey has fallen far from the media throne she once occupied. Following her public support of Barack Obama in 2008 and her fateful decision to launch an instantly-troubled cable television network, Oprah Winfrey has taken enormous risks that have yielded disastrous results. So is America’s love affair with Oprah finally over? Or will the resilient queen of all media preside over an inspiring comeback against the expectation of many?

“Paula Deen: Fall From Grace” is a compelling, first-of-its kind work explores Deen’s humble beginnings, crushing early personal burdens, her inspiring attainment of fame and fortune, and the untold, unauthorized true story behind the race-fueled scandal that has deep fried the Southern culinary queen’s expansive media empire.