Think Mobile-First at the Mobile Innovation Summit 2017

Over the past few years, mobile has far surpassed the point of being a nice add-on for brands. With a usage far higher than that of desktop, it’s time companies started considering their digital offerings to be mobile-first, and those that cater to an evermore remote customer base will reap the benefits. Mobile should dominate digital strategies as well as digital marketing campaigns, and having an effective mobile app can be a key performance differentiator.

One major recent development in the mobile world has been the proliferation of gamification. Having users engage with an app in a more playful way sees not only better usage statistics but a lot more data collected. The likes of Tinder showed just how effective a gamified experience can be, but all brands should take note of its success and ask how they can make their user experience more enjoyable.

Another key part of mobile is the ready availability of location data. Most mobile users are more than happy to share their location data with brands if they perceive the value exchange to be equal, and this represents a huge opportunity. Location-based marketing can improve customer engagement, revenue and acquisition. As the IoT develops, these opportunities will only diversify, and it’s important that brands are up to date with how location based technology is affecting the mobile landscape.

This April 27-28, Innovation Enterprise plays host to the Mobile Innovation Summit in London, a two day event focused on the conversation around mobile optimisation, mobile revenue, mobile marketing campaigns, and platform thinking more widely. Across the two day event, attendees will hear insight from some leading mobile practitioners, including Barlcays, the BBC, Shazam, Compare the Market, Telegraph Media Group, UNEP, and many more.

On top of the insight from mobile’s leading voices, the summit will provide opportunities for attendees to meet, discuss the industry and share ideas with other executive-level decision makers. The event is co-located with the Chief Digital Officer Forum, meaning that across the two summits there will be 200+ attendees to meet with. Through panel discussions and organised networking sessions, the summit will ensure that every attendee has the opportunity to be heard and potentially find the next great solution for their company.