There’s No Business Like The Mobile Marketing Business

The celebrities are coming! The celebrities are coming!

Indeed, there is no better guage of a product or service’s power and popularity than the willingness of celebrities to associate themselves with it.

Almost overnight, mobile marketing has taken Hollywood by storm. Well, at least some of the biggest talent agencies. Celebrity super agents from William Morris, Creative Artists, and International Creative Management, have been deluged with requests from major companies to have top celebrities appear
in their mobile marketing campaigns.

Let’s face it, for many, this might be the only way Madonna, Tom Cruise, or Donald Trump will ever “call” your cell phone.

From “celebrity voice mail,” a service announced from Alltel Wireless to countless mobile ads featuring the likeness or voice of Hollywood’s biggest stars, mobile marketing has not only paid enormous dividends to companies who have skillfully harnessed its power, celebrities, too, have begun seeing the financial upside to associating with this service.

A number of prominent talent agencies are now reportedly developing divisions charged solely with managing “mobile marketing bookings” for their famous clients. Now that Hollywood has discovered the money and exposure offered by this booming business, you might want to keep a more watchful eye on
your mobile phone.

There’s a good chance you’ll be starstruck before you know it.