The Weather is Changing for Android

Android’s momentum over iOS continues in the form of a most-interesting revelation from The Weather Channel.

As it turns out, The Weather Channel’s hugely popular mobile app is now more popular on Android than iOS.

“Around the end of Q3 or the start of Q4, our Android app took over from our iPhone app in terms of active monthly users,” reveals Cameron Clayton, president of the Weather Company’s digital division.

“We now have 18 million active monthly users on Android, and about 17.5 million unique [visitors] on iPhone,” Clayton says. “That was a wake-up call for us–we expected Android [eclipsing iPhone] to take another 12 months to happen. We knew we didn’t have the product we wanted in the marketplace, so I challenged my team to re-imagine our Android experience, to make it new and make it top of the line.”

News of the Android app surge comes just days after the new Android and BlackBerry 10 version of The Weather Channel app was released.

The refreshed app offers many improvements, says Matthew Miller of ZDNet, “with the key one for me being their rain start/stop feature.”

“The application now informs me when it is predicted to rain and for how long,” Miller adds, “right from the main screen in the cool new visual bubble. I understand this is the first major redesign for the Android platform since 2009 and I like it better than what I see on other platforms.”