The Washington Post Tackles The Mobile Marketing Debate

In today’s Washington Post, columnist Kim Hart tackled the touchy subject of whether mobile ads are useful or annoying. Of course, those of us who believe that mobile marketing is the wave of the future would hope that mobile ads, if done responsibly, are mutually beneficial to both customers and advertisers. Perhaps they can even be entertaining to mobile phone users.

Kim’s article, which is an interesting and brief read, is honest in acknowledging that mobile marketing on the whole is still in experimental stages and faces hurdles, particularly as they relate to mobile phone users who don’t have unlimited data plans and may be at a financial disadvantage from mobile ads.

Nonetheless, I can’t help but believe that this mainstream discussion about the future of mobile marketing and challenges facing its application is ultimately to the enormous benefit of the entire industry. The world is slowly recognizing the future of advertising and realizing that the kinks in the system must be worked out sooner rather than later.

Check out Kim’s article at the Washington Post and join the debate about mobile marketing and how it can be tweaked for perfection.