The US Takes Top Spot For Mobile Browsing & Payments

The US hasn’t always been known for leading the way when it comes to mobile technology, but when it comes to certain aspects of mobile marketing, the US is leading the way.

This morning, Bango released some interesting statistics regarding the growing usage of mobile-based Web browsing and mobile spending in general. The US has surpassed the UK for the number one spot in mobile Web browsing with 29% of the worldwide traffic. Interestingly, the growth in mobile traffic has coincided with a massive growth in mobile users paying for mobile-based content in the US as well. According to Bango, the US now accounts for 57% of mobile spending worldwide.

This correlation is important to mobile advertisers because it signifies the relationship between mobile Web traffic, and the amount of that traffic that’s converting in terms of mobile spending. Countries that have high mobile Web traffic, such as India and South Africa, don’t always have the corresponding high levels of mobile spending like the US and UK which means the way people interact on the mobile Web differs greatly from region to region.

In the end, these statistics solidify the opportunities for mobile marketers in the US by proving that consumers who use the mobile Web are becoming more comfortable with spending via the mobile Web- which has been a major hurdle since the beginning. People haven’t always been keen on paying for mobile content via their cell phone bills, but as technology and integration with mobile campaigns become more complex and prevalent, the usage numbers should steadily increase as well.