The Ultimate Elections Infographic

pollfishWith the next presidential debate scheduled for this weekend and the election just one month away, voters can’t yet give in to ballot burnout. In fact, they should prepare for another round of incoming data, analysis, and endless commentary from the pundits.

Indeed, things are about to get interesting.

But with so many talking heads talking over one another, how can you really tell which issues are of greatest importance to voters? Ahead of the weekend, we’re getting some new insight.

In the most comprehensive survey of its kind, Pollfish, in partnership with PredictWise, has been closely monitoring thirteen key issues — ranging from guns to taxes.

What the world’s foremost mobile survey experts discovered in their findings is unlike any other election poll you’ve seen.

We’re told that there are three key wedge issues that are going to decide this year’s election.

“We have been surveying 1,000 random, anonymous respondents per week to monitor these issues, and report them in this interactive infographic, where you can view trends over time, by issue, by state,” Pollfish says. “We will continue to monitor these key wedge issues until the November Election.”

So, how do people in your state feel about these yet issues? And how does that affect their decision about the candidates? Check out the infographic to find out!