The U.S. is Falling Behind China in Mobile Advertising

The U.S. is Falling Behind China in Mobile AdvertisingAccording to freshly published data shared with MMW today, Chinese developers spent 25 percent more than U.S. developers on mobile ads on Android in Q3 2013.

AppFlood, the mobile advertising network from PapayaMobile, says in 2013, Android developers also saw a 332 percent increase in mobile ad revenue, driven largely by Chinese advertisers.

The report, entitled “AppFlood Global Android Advertising Industry Insights,” is based on an analysis of AppFlood’s traffic in the third quarter of 2013.

Per the findings presented in the AppFlood report, Chinese developers are allocating more of their marketing budgets for in-app mobile advertising, and between March and September 2013 increased their ad spend by 151 percent.

Other key findings in the report include:

  • Chinese advertisers purchased 55 percent of total users on AppFlood’s network in Q3 2013, compared  to U.S. advertisers who purchased just 10 percent of total new users
  • In Q3 2013, Chinese developers spent just 0.06 percent of their budget to acquire Chinese users, compared to 7.5 percent in the U.S., 7.2 percent in India, 6.5 percent in Saudi Arabia, and 4.9 percent in Indonesia
  • Chinese developers in Q3 2013 spent 28 times more to acquire users in Southeast Asia than in China, and twice as much  to acquire users in Southeast Asia than in North America