The Top Mobile Ad Spenders May Surprise You

The Top Mobile Ad Spenders May Surprise YouWhen it comes to mobile ad spend today, one group is leading the pack – consumer goods companies.

The IAB UK reports that this particular category of companies has emerged as the biggest of all the big spenders on mobile advertising.

“For the first time, consumer goods became the biggest spender on mobile display, almost doubling its share in a year – from 14.5% to 26.8% in the first half of 2013,” the report reads.

In the process, consumer goods bumped “entertainment & media” out of the top spot among top spending companies.

“The fact that consumer goods – such as food, clothing and jewellery – account for over one quarter of mobile display advertising shows how important brands regard smartphones as key to consumer buying behavior,” says Anna Bartz, Senior Manager at PwC.

“Mobile has moved on from being a communications or entertainment device to a bona fide retail one,” Bartz adds. “It’s an interesting contrast to how dominant entertainment has become on ‘fixed’ devices such as computers and laptops.”