The Top 5 Stories in Mobile Marketing and Advertising This Week

The Top 5 Stories in Mobile Marketing and Advertising This WeekIn case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week.

SEO has been the ever evolving, yet primary focus of online marketing campaigns for many years. However, mobile marketing is giving it a run for its money. With over 70% of cell phone users turning to their smartphones to surf the web, a new type of marketing has been developed in emerging channels.

With the advent of mobile marketing, the casino industry has been dealt a winning hand. But for the casinos that fail to capitalize, they’ll be left to helplessly watch as their players are successfully courted by casinos that have already embraced mobile marketing.

In May of 2013, Google introduced their sorting tabs which automatically sort email into one of 3 fields—Primary, Social, and Promotions. While the tabs allow users to keep their email more organized and reduces the risk of important emails getting lost in the mix, the change left many email marketers wondering how it would affect their opt-in email marketing campaigns.

When it comes to effective mobile advertising, interactivity is the name of the game. And that’s exactly why one of the most promising young players across the mobile ad landscape is banking on mobile ads that users can not only interact with, but also play with.

Late last month, in a publicly stated effort to assist investor relations officers in their use of social media as a research and communications platform, Business Wire – the folks that help businesses distribute their press releases around the world –  published one of the most helpful guides we’ve seen in quite some time.

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