The Smart Home Concept is Now Driven by Mobile

The Smart Home Concept is Now Driven by MobileAccording to a new report from ABI, the smart home concept is increasingly moving center stage and demand for wireless devices continues to grow.

In 2013, the latest industry data confirms, sales of wireless embedded smart home monitoring devices, including contact and motion sensors, smart thermostats and smart plugs, grew to more than 17 million.

That’s almost double the shipments recorded in 2012.

“Continuing momentum will ensure that by 2018,” the report summary reads, “more than half-a-billion wireless smart home monitoring devices will be deployed in homes around the world. Growth will develop as new users move to use smart home systems and as users extend their existing systems.”

So who will be the top players in this emerging industry?

ABI projects that vendors including Honeywell, GE, Nest (now Google), Kwikset, UTC and many others will increasingly add wireless connectivity to their home devices, bringing network connectivity and remote management to their offerings in order to appeal to growing numbers of smart home consumers.

“Combined, over 84 million contact and motion sensors will ship annually by 2018; however, it is smart plugs, smart door locks and connected smoke & CO detectors that will see the greatest shipment growth,” observes senior analyst Adarsh Krishnan.