The Six Most Influential Mobile Industry Headlines Of 2013

The Six Most Influential Mobile Industry Headlines Of 2013On Tuesday, North 6th Agency – a communications agency – shared with MMW the results from its Mobile Industry category in the company’s first annual ‘6 on 6’ program.

As part of the ‘6 on 6’ program, N6A assembled a panel of business executives, media influencers, well-respected analysts and pundits with expertise across the mobile industry. N6A then solicited feedback and insights from the panel and asked them to rank the top six most influential stories of the year within the category.

So what do the final results tell us? Here are the category’s most influential headlines of the year:

  1. Google launches an early edition of Google Glass with the Explorer Program.
  2. Candy Crush Saga becomes the world’s top grossing mobile app on iOS and Android.
  3. Apple launches the iPhone 5S with new fingerprint scanner and the 5C midrange-priced version.
  4. Snapchat, the mobile photo and video sharing service, is valued at $860 million.
  5. Microsoft launches its Surface 2 line of Windows tablets.
  6. Vine debuts and becomes the most used video-sharing app in the market.

“2013 was a transformational year for the mobile industry on so many levels,” says Matt Rizzetta, President and CEO of N6A. “From continued technology advancements to rapid adoption in markets that were previously underdeveloped to the use of social media in daily engagement practices, the mobile industry evolved in 2013 at a rate that we have never seen before.”